I'm going home to my city
by the Bay.

Explore our new locations in the heart of San Francisco.

1040 Folsom St.

12,000 SQFT, 50 Bedrooms, 12 Bathrooms
$1,000 (Shared Room) / $1,600 (Private Room)
Amenities: Dining Hall, Game Area, Music Space,
Workout Area, Co-working & Park w/ Basketball Court!

219 6th St.

9,000 SQFT, 30 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms
$1,000 (Shared Room) / $2,000 (Private Room)
Amenities: Co-Working, Events Space, Movie Theater, Gym,
Ping Pong/Pool Table, White Boards & more.

Downtown living

South of Market (SoMa) is a diverse neighborhood that brings together all sorts of people. Entrepreneurs rub elbows with artist, and financial analysts walk the streets with musicians. Retro bars, clubs, and specialty coffee cafes hide among SoMa's increasing number of removed industrial warehouses. On game day, visitors to SoMa include those looking to hear the crack of the bat as this neighbors. We're honored to call SoMa our home.

Life is an event!

We host events and meetups on a regular basis.
In addition to our weekly Sunday dinners, we have hosted various events related to:
Yoga, Goals Sessions, SoFar Sounds, Effective Altruism, AI/Machine Learning, Hiking, Painting, Jogs, BBQs ...and manymore!
We encourage our members to host events that can help bring people together to foster community.


Common space galore

A living room, movie theater, commercial kitchen, study room, and media room span 4,000+ SQFT of common space.


A network to support you

City living can be lonely. Our home extends beyond just housing, with housemates to support you in all your endeavors.


Private & shared bedrooms

Living in expensive city like San Francisco is hard. We make living in this amazing city easy and more accessible.


Why tribe?

Interest Based


Live in a community that shares your values and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

Fully Furnished


Memory foam mattresses,
70" smart TVs, pool tables,
co-working spaces &
backyard oases.



Electricity, water, gas, heat, A/C, WiFi, bathroom & kitchen supplies all included!



Weekly dinners, snack nights, game nights, BBQ's, comedy shows, puppy parties, speed networking events & more!


Easy move in

Bring your suitcase and we'll provide the rest. We fully furnish our properties in San Francisco so that you don't have to.


Make connections

Join a vetted community and network with others. Meaningful connections await you.


Share experiences

There's always something happening. Make new connections and memories that will last a lifetime.