Tribe Coliving is now Hive Coliving

Clients Reviews

Kristyn R.

Instructional Associate,
General Assembly

Tribe has truly become my home. Between the friendships that I have made, the events that have enriched my life and career, being inspired by my housemates, finding help when I'm struggling, constant motivation, and just an overall feeling of belonging, Tribe has been an amazing experience.

Chi E.

Gold Skylines

After finishing college in Philadelphia I wanted to challenge myself to build a business. I found Tribe. A home, friends, working space all in one affordable space as a new entrant in the city. How has Tribe benefitted me? Tribe is home. Tribe is family.

What our members say


Tech and music enthusiast, esp. the trombone!


Connects with others through photography!


Loves engineering and singing!

Labor Day

BBQ Celebration!